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1 Click Spam Shield is the solution for eliminating one of the biggest threats of the mailing systems: spam. With this utility, you are receiving all your email safely and securely, all filtering being done in a transparent way, resulting in a clean Inbox with just solicited mail and no more junk. The powerful spam filter is compatible with almost all POP email clients, integrates automatically into Outlook and Outlook Express and removes spam and junk mail in the easiest and most professional way possible. Being fully customizable, you can always decide what is and what is not spam, possessing the power to create custom rule sets and settings. The filtering engine provides 90% accuracy in eliminating spam and contains a comprehensive prebuilt list of known spammer addresses, domains and key phrases together with powerful spam detection algorithms. With Automatic List Management option it allows you to focus on your email and not on unsolicited spam, managing your approved sender lists, automatically learning from your incoming legitimate messages. 1 Click Spam Shields Intelligent Protection Agent automatically removes all tracking and privacy bugs, allowing you to handle your email with confidence that you are not being spied or insecure.

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